In-Depth Acting/Auditioning Workshops

Learn how to navigate the audition process from Ilene Starger, an award-winning casting director of film, theater, and television. Ilene's intensive yet kinder, gentler acting/auditioning workshops yield tremendous results in terms of strengthening actors' confidence, preparation/audition skills and exposure to material they may not be acquainted with.

Acting & Auditioning Require Different Skills

Ilene focuses on how to transform you into a better, more precise auditioner; she imparts tools and information based on decades of her experience in auditioning actors. You'll learn about audition etiquette and dos and don'ts; how to prepare and work; how to enjoy each audition, no matter how much or how little time you are given in the audition room.  llene believes that the more focused you are, the more freed up you will be to do you best work in auditions and make a favorable impression, regardless of audition outcome: "Ideally you want to book each job, but take the longer view and realize that you are forging relationships with casting directors, directors and producers, and that you are planting seeds for future opportunities to work with them."

Ilene continues: "So many auditions now require self-taping and happen under pressure with very little prep time.  I know from experience that executives often have little viewing time, and need to be engaged from the first moment they watch an actor's audition. No matter how seasoned an actor is, auditioning can be daunting! And theatre auditions, which are not taped, bring their own challenges!  I want to help demystify the process for you, and augment your confidence and skill as you navigate this process."

- Ilene Starger


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